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Day Porter Cleaning Services

Our uniformed day porters are trained to perform all kinds of daytime cleaning. If your facility is a busy environment and has lots of foot traffic, a day porter can make all the difference for you, your staff, and customers. Having hard-hit areas like restrooms, entryways, cafeterias or just breaking down boxes and cleaning handprints off glass doors, having a day porter is a great way to keep your facility looking how you want so you can focus on your work at hand. Our people are hard-working and are trained to “notice” things before you do and get them taken care of.

Day Time Disinfecting Services

While you’re hard at work, our day porter staff can clean and disinfect touchpoints throughout the day, to help you and your staff stay healthier and help stop the spread of those nasty bugs that cause your staff to miss days at work. Cold and flu seasons seem to stretch longer and longer so constant disinfecting in those areas is a must nowadays!

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Benefits of Denver Day Porter Cleaning

Having a day porter is especially important when the nasty Colorado weather snarls up the lobby with wet floors and ice melt being tracked in. Having our personnel there to get and keep those dangerous slippery areas safe and clean for your staff and customers is super important. We will make sure the area is mopped up and we will set up “wet floor” signs to warn your employees of a potential slippery floor until it is safe and dry! Keeping the parking lot and sidewalks to your place of business can help your business’s image more than you might think. So our day porters can make their rounds to include policing up the parking areas and sidewalks so there is no unsightly debris for your customers to see while entering your building. We can also empty exterior trash and cigarette urns so you know we will care as much about your image as you do.

Get The Most Reliable Day Porter Cleaning In Denver CO

Our people are happy and friendly but are not there to make small talk, they will be focused, on point, and ready to respond to any onsite needs that may come up, whether it’s a spill or some other type of mess we will be right there to clean it up so you can go on about your day. Need help setting up a meeting room with extra chairs and tables, Having your own day porter will be happy to assist, so you and your staff can stay on point for that important meeting or event. After the meeting ends your day porter will clean it all up and tidy that space for the next day for you. Call Accurate Janitorial to find out more about our Day Porter Services for your facility today!

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