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Accurate Janitorial Services is a locally owned and operated business serving the Denver Metro area since 1985. With a remarkable annual customer retention rate of 97%, we provide excellent service and competitive rates. Discover the difference we can make for your building’s cleanliness and appearance. Contact us today to explore our range of services.

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Commercial Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 50

Our Most Popular Cleaning Services

Floor Care Service Near Me in Denver 2

Floor Care

Our floor care services bring a clean and polished look to your floors that leaves your business looking immaculate and inviting.

Window Washing Service Near Me in Denver 24

Window Cleaning

We offer professional and meticulous cleaning to leave your windows sparkling and spotless; on a schedule that suits you best.

Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 2

Carpet Cleaning

Revitalize your facility by refreshing your carpets, which endure significant wear and tear. Restore and maximize the lifetime of your carpets.

Janitorial Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 2

Janitorial Cleaning

Our janitorial services ensure a spotless and sanitized environment, bringing a clean and healthy environment for your place of business.

Construction Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 3

Construction Cleaning

Our janitorial services specialize in post-construction cleaning, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleanup of your site.

Day Porter Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 50

Day Porter Cleaning

Our day porter services bring support throughout the day, ensuring a well-maintained and orderly environment to meet your facility's needs.

Common Buildings We Serve

We service a wide array of business facilities, including Churches, Schools, Large And Small Office Buildings, Office Warehouse Combos, And More!

Commercial Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 55

Office Buildings and
Corporate Complexes

Enhance professionalism and productivity with janitorial cleaning services, ensuring a clean and inviting workspace.

Commercial Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 56

Hotels and Occupied

Elevate guest satisfaction through meticulous janitorial cleaning, creating a welcoming and hygienic environment.

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Healthcare and Senior
Living Facilities

Prioritize health and safety with janitorial services, maintaining a clean environment for residents and patients.

commercial cleaning near me 5

Health and Fitness

Support member well-being with regular janitorial cleaning, creating a sanitary workout space.

commercial cleaning near me 7

Industrial Complexes
and Warehouses

Ensure safety and compliance in industrial settings through janitorial cleaning, promoting an organized and hazard-free workspace.

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Schools and Educational

Foster a positive learning environment with janitorial services, contributing to the well-being of students and staff.

Commercial Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 57

Churches and Religious

Maintain a sacred and inviting atmosphere with janitorial cleaning in religious institutions.

Commercial Cleaning Service Near Me in Denver 58

Government Buildings and
City Libraries

Uphold professionalism in public spaces with janitorial services, supporting civic engagement.

bank & credit union establishment Commercial Cleaning

Banks and Credit

Reinforce trust and professionalism in financial institutions through janitorial cleaning services.

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Why Trust Accurate Building Maintenance?

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