Our Janitor Customer Service Relies On This Foundational Philosophy:

  • Arrive On Time
  • Always Do Our Best
  • Try Our Best To Not Make Any Mistakes And Correct Any Mistakes That May Occur
  • Work With Your Special Situation
  • Work With Your Budget
  • Be Available For You When It Meets Your Needs

For any questions regarding your janitorial needs call 303-619-7001

You can tell we are excellent at what we do because we have excellent ratings on Yelp, Mapquest, and the Better Business Bureau.  Make sure to research us there as well.

Our janitorial customer service prizes itself on making you happy. Because excellent customer service is incredibly important in any business, but in janitorial business we think it is especially important so that you love our work and that you will be glad that you chose to hire us. 

Feel free to look at our about us section too to learn more about our company!  If you are more interested in learning about our cleaning services, make sure to look at our floor care, window washing, and green cleaning service pages as well.

Customer service is something we are very passionate about in our janitorial business.  And we are going to tell you why!


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How We Break Down Janitorial Customer Service

We break down customer service into these components:

  • Being Available
  • Going the extra step with on site visits
  • Listening to your needs
  • Solving other building problems at a great price

But what do each of these mean?  Well that’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked!

Being Available For Janitor Questions

In this day and age of social media, email communication, everybody “Googling” their answers to questions, people are spending too much time on the computer.  We, believe the human side of our janitorial service is the most important side and the most rewarding side of the janitor services that we provide.

For any questions regarding your janitorial needs call 303-619-7001

A couple actions separate us from the competition.  We pick up the phone when you call. Our responsiveness is excellent.  We will answer your commercial cleaning inquiries.  

We know that you are busy with hundreds of other priorities every single day of the week.  You don’t have time to worry about how clean your building is. There’s not enough time in the day to worry about the consumable products in your building.  You don’t have time to worry about paper towels. This is why we make ourselves very available by phone, and very available by email. So you can save more time and work on what what is most important to your building or organization.

We know your time is important.  We make ourselves very much available to you and your needs.

Going The Extra Step With Commercial Cleaning Site Visits

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Remember the days before the internet? In the days before the internet people would have to talk to each other over the phone. People would have to go on more on site visits and talk face-to-face. We believe that talking face-to-face is still very important. In fact we make sure to talk face-to-face with our customers on a very frequent basis to make sure that customers are very satisfied with their services and customers have all of their needs met for their building cleanliness.

For any questions regarding your commercial cleaning needs call 303-619-7001

In summary, site visits are important.  It helps us know we are doing an excellent job.

It means you spend less time on email.  You should spend less time staring at a computer screen.  You should spend less time on boring phone calls.

Talking with us face-to-face about your cleaning needs to make your life easier!

At an on-site visit we’re going to ask the important questions about how your cleaning service is going. Important questions could be:

  • Are you satisfied with your cleaning so far?
  • Are there any additional cleaning means you might have?
  • Is the staff arriving on time and leaving on time?
  • Are your building guests satisfied with the cleanliness of your building?

Listening To Your Organizational Cleaning Needs

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With any type of building we now that that building is going to have specific needs for their staff, specific needs for their guests, and specific needs regarding what type of building they have, what type of flooring they have, what type of Windows they have, and what type of facilities they have in general. This is why listening to your needs is important.

Other janitorial companies might just treat you like an average customer. But to us you’re not average, you are special. And the needs of your building are special.  The needs of your staff are special. Your needs are our top priority.

Serving Your Specific Cleaning Needs

Let’s talk about a school for instance. One school might have a special event coming up with parents, staff, and school administrators attending this event. For this special circumstance it’s important that we give a special touch. It’s important that we make sure the floor is the way you want it to look, that people have a place to throw away trash and recyclables to keep the building clean.

Overall, we know that in a special circumstance your staff will be so busy trying to organized logistics, organized planning, and making sure every part of your school event is running smoothly.

And while you do that we will make sure every spot of the building is clean too!  

Our job is to make sure your building looks clean every single day of the week. That way you are happy, and we are happy that we satisfied your needs.

Solving Other Building Problems At a Great Price

Remember, we know that with any building there are countless problems that it could have. There are electrical problems you might be facing. There are plumbing problems you might be facing.   Countless tiny little details in a building need to be taken care of by expert staff. At the same time we know that you have a budget that you have to adhere to. This means that you need great plumbers, great electricians, and other great service providers to help you fix your buildings problems.

For any questions regarding your janitor service needs call 303-619-7001

Here’s the problem you face:

You don’t know who is the best plumber that will provide a great service and give you a great price on that service. You don’t know who’s the best electrician.  Perhaps you need an electrician to provide great service and give you a great price on that service. It takes a lot of time and experience to be able to find great people that do great work for a great price.

Ask us any building question, and if we know someone that can help you solve that problem, we are ready to serve you as best as we can!

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