Our proven expertise and experience enable us to take on the challenge of any surface. We provide regular or periodic maintenance, strip and wax services as needed on all types of flooring:

  • Vinyl, quarry, or ceramic
  • Asphalt or asbestos tile
  • Wood/parquet
  • Marble
  • Rubber
  • Specialty materials

Concrete Coatings:   Our quality coatings and sealers include epoxy, clear acrylics, and impregnating sealers for:

  • Industrial plants
  • Warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Retail and offices

Carpet Cleaning:  Our expert technicians are trained to tackle the toughest stains and traffic patterns on every type of carpeting. Our methods enable us to customize a carpet maintenance program to meet your specifications and needs for:

  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Truck mount extraction
  • Portable extraction cleaning
  • Deep pile lifting methods

Fabric and Upholstery Care:  We use both wet and dry methods to provide the finest care of your office fabric partitions and upholstered furniture.

“We manage your building so you can manage your Business”