There’s a huge difference between Accurate Janitorial Services and other janitorial services, we offer a “Single Point of Contact” for all of your building maintenance needs, including Exterior Building Restoration Service:

Our restoration detergents have been thoroughly tested on a variety of surfaces. The product achieves its cleaning power from a combination of surfactants and buffered acids that remove metal and mineral oxide residues as well as water based solvents that will remove environmental pollution stains for your exterior glass and frames. This procedure is appropriate for multiple surface restorations including (but not limited to) limestone, terra cotta, EIFS, vertical concrete, glass, anodized aluminum, unpolished stone, stainless steel, brick, block, wood, aluminum, painted surfaces and vinyl.

Then we use a re-vitalizer to bring your metal frames back to their original shine.

Using a solvent-based resin system designed for treating the surfaces of anodized aluminum, it renews the satin luster that has been damaged by environmental or chemical pollutants.  This product adheres to aluminum for extended periods without cracking or peeling and is easily removed for retreatment.


  • Non-hazardous and Non-flammable
  • Renews anodized finish
  • Protects for long periods of time

“We manage your building so you can manage your Business”

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Our Building Restoration products from Eaco Chem are the best in the industry.